The question about whether you can sweat marijuana out of your body is something that many cannabis smokers wonder about. The answer will definitely be given in this article. You are surely going to be enlightened on the possibilities of sweating the metabolites of the substance out with enough explanation to support the answer.

Can you sweat out the drug through exercising or using the sauna? This question cannot be answered be answered without looking at what the psychoactive component of the drug is ― THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

What is THC?

This is a lipid in cannabis that is partly responsible for strengthening the plant’s self-defense system against adverse environmental conditions, predators, ultraviolet light, and so on.  It does not dissolve in water easily, but it can do so in many organic solvents like alcohol and the like.

THC can be detected in saliva, blood, urine, and sweat samples during a laboratory procedure. The techniques used are quite sophisticated. Read more about that here.

It was in 2003 that an expert committee on drug dependence in the World Health Organization (WHO) transferred THC to Schedule IV of the Convention. This was because the substance was proven to have medical benefits and potential for low abuse.

It can be scary to get notified about a test for this drug especially if you are a regular user (smoker). Whatever the reason for the test may be, have no fear because there are ways to detoxify your body completely. Take a chill pill because there are very effective products that can be easily found online. However, with so many brands and detoxification kits to choose from, one needs to be careful.

Buying a Detox Drink

Some of the products are harmful to the body or are not effective. Do not opt for the amazing promises that just any detox drink has to offer. Their tempting selling points and nice coloring should not fool. How expensive the price is does not determine how effective the solution will be. You need to read every detail of the product information so as to understand what you are getting yourself into.

Do not be deceived by the many fake reviews online. Know how to differentiate between a fake and real review. The fake ones will not give enough information about the product you are reading about, while the real ones will.

Fake reviews might even be paid for by the manufacturer of the product you are reading about. Regrets can only come when you choose ignorance over adequate research. The kind of real reviews you are looking for should include BMI compatibility.

Read more about that here:

There are so many online stores promising to give you the best results with the products they are offering, but the truth is that some of them do not even know their goods well. They are just resellers/retailers or wholesalers. During your research, your watchword should be safety.

As stated earlier, detoxifiers can be quite expensive but pricing is not the issue you should consider. If you want it badly enough, then you will go for it. Still, make sure it is the right product for you ― safe, compatible, and effective. Start searching online as soon as you have been notified about the upcoming drug test so you can put an end to your anxiety.

DIY detoxing is good where medical detoxing is not a nice option for you. A DIY cleansing kit will be preferable when you want to detoxify your body in the privacy of your home. Be sure that you take the drink as instructed.  Learning how to manage withdrawal symptoms while cleansing is advisable. You will find articles about that online. How bad the withdrawal symptoms will be depends on the rate of drug use, the quantity consumed, and how healthy you are.

Part of the information you should consider researching about is the side-effects of the solution. Are the risks worth it? Will you get an allergic reaction from any of the ingredients used? It is possible that every product you see in the market will have at least one side-effect. Though it may be a mild one that poses no serious threat to your general well-being.

While shopping, you will also see cleanses in the form of pills or tablets, or a combination of pills/tablets and drinks. That should not be surprising to you. There are brands that offer such products. However, it is better to take the straightforward approach ― choose between drinks or pills/tablets.

Some drinks may offer masking agents that can only restrict detection of drug toxins in urine samples for a short time. Steer clear of such solutions because many labs have been upgraded to uncover masking efforts. Apart from that, some of them contain ingredients that can be seen as suspicious during lab testing procedures. What you will end up with can only be an embarrassing test result. Products that offer that kind of performance are usually projected as “quick fixes”.

Effects of Two Types of Detox Drinks

When this comes to mind, your mind should go to “in vivo adulteration” and “in vitro adulteration”. The former involves a change in urine chemicals, while the latter involves chemical reactions that transform drug toxins in the urine. There are cleanses that work in the saliva and blood too.

The Answer You Have Been Waiting For

It is possible to sweat out THC, but not effectively. If you are looking to sweat it out, that idea should be scrapped out of your mind. This is because the metabolites are stored in the fat cells, and not your sweat. Yes, the idea of exercising or using the sauna cannot work!

What you need to do is opt for effective methods for secondary detoxing. This can be made possible with the right detox drink that will target the fat cells and trigger the release of toxins for effective and complete expulsion.

All-natural formulas should be what you should go for. They are made up of nutrients or herbs that are considered safe for consumption. What will make them more preferable would be the presence of dietary fiber.