Definition of flooring: Flooring is the used term for the permanent covering of a floor, or for the installation work of such covering.

In many early homes, the flooring was just a patch of ground. Hay, straw, and cow dung were sometimes strewn on the floor and tamped down as people walked on it, creating a surface almost as hard as cement. In Europe mint was first used as a room deodorizer, it was spread all around the floors to cover the unpleasant smells.

In early North American homes, the floor was the dirt and the flooring was sand. Some settlers sometimes used to spread sand on top of the dirt floor. When the litter became unbearable, they’d simply sweep it out the door along with the sand. Then a new layer of sand on the floor was spread. Other settlers would spread peanut and sunflower seed shells on the floor, when these were trampled underfoot, the shells spread oil into the dirt and to help settle the dust.

The earliest known wood flooring came into use during the Middle Ages. It begun using rough laid planks across the floor. Then it started to sand or smooth the planks by rubbing them with stone or metal. And later, varnishes or stains were applied to smooth the floor and make it last longer.

Bamboo flooring history probably dates back millennia, when ancient Chinese peasants used

slashed and placed on the ground, to cover the dirt and to keep their homes clean and hygienic.

Our modern sensitivities appreciate bamboo’s virtues as bamboo represents good luck, longevity, strength, resiliency, flexibility and nature itself. Particularly the Feng Shui philosophies have come into their own as a major consideration in construction and interior design. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that bamboo flooring has been becoming an important choice for homeowners and the ones decorating commercial business and offices.

Since ecology has become an important issue along with ecological sustainability and renewable resources, bamboo flooring has become a star performer amongst products of its ilk. In areas where once, traditional timbers such as cedar, oak and rosewood were highly prized, the movement has gone into materials that can be regenerated without causing scars upon the environment. Timber plantations were the first step towards this understanding but now, bamboo has stepped up to claim best and fairest.


Even if it is only a patch of ground, hay, straw and cow dung or a well-elaborated mosaic; humans have always tried to keep their home clean and healthy. Flooring has been one the answers for this need. Nowadays there are people that can not even think in a house without flooring, it is like thinking in a bed without a mattress. Thanks to new discoveries and new technologies, nowadays we have a huge number of materials, models and styles to have as flooring in any place. Depending on the needs, budget and style, it is possible to choose between concrete, marble, tile, bamboo, pvc flooring, carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl or linoleum, porcelain or ceramic tile flooring, natural stone tile flooring and others.