For kids, a trip to the dental office can be a scary process since it an unfamiliar territory. Adults too can be scared to visit the dentist, but for them, it’s much better since they know what to expect and how much the entire process will cost.

Keeping our teeth healthy and clean should be your main priority, which is why we have come up with the below list of specific foods which you should avoid if you want minimal visits to the dentist.

1)    Hard Candies

Hard candies might seem harmless, but overeating them might end up damaging your teeth due to the sugar. Hard candies also put your teeth at a high risk because apart from being sugary, they can trigger emergencies such as a broken or chipped tooth. Instead of eating hard candies, you can opt for sweet gum.

2)    Bread

Now many of us have a habit of taking bread for breakfast in the morning. However, you should now start thinking twice before picking up a loaf of bread in the supermarket. When chewing bread, your saliva breaks down the starch into sugar, forming a sticky substance.

The bread then sticks on the spaces in your teeth, which might lead to cavities. When you want to eat carbs, opt for less refined ones like whole wheat. Whole wheat carbs contain fewer carbs, and they cannot be broken down easily.

3)    Alcohol

We all know that excessive consumption of alcohol is not healthy for your body. But are you aware that drinking alcohol can dry out your mouth? If your mouth is dry, that means you do not have enough saliva to keep your teeth healthy.

Saliva helps in ensuring that food does not stick in your teeth, and it also washes food particles.  To keep your mouth hydrated, ensure that you drink plenty of water and regularly rinse your mouth with fluoride rinses.

4)    Citrus Fruits

If you love eating sour fruits, then you might be increasing your chances of visiting a dental office. Citrus fruits such as lemons are acidic, and they can end up ruining your teeth. Any sugar that is added to the lemons will turn acidic in your mouth. When you eat lemons for a long time, you might end up demineralizing your enamel away. This also applies to other citrus fruits like grapefruit and oranges.

5)    Chewing Ice 

Many people might think that chewing ice is good, but that is wrong. Ice is not good for your teeth at all. It might be made of water, but chewing it might leave your teeth vulnerable and may end up damaging your enamel.

If you find that you are used to chewing ice, try as much as possible to break away from this habit and drink water in its liquid form.


For your teeth to remain healthy, you should do whatever it takes to take care of them. And this includes staying away from food which might damage them.