Barcode and label printers are those that print at high quality on self-adhesive paper or continuous paper rolls. Thanks to their wide range, you can choose the one that best suits your application, from the most straightforward printers, ideal for low print volumes, to the most industrial printers, designed to work in the most extreme environmental conditions.

From the moment you have a label printer, you can print on demand, instantly, and with the highest quality. As a result, you will increase production, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

But depending on your needs, you will require one printer or another, here we tell you the different types of printers that you can find in the market:

Laser printers                            

Laser printers are characterized by their high printing quality, speed, and economical cost per page ratio. Their operation is similar to a photocopier. A beam of light is applied to an electrostatic drum which changes the charge on the surface, and the impregnated image is then transferred to the paper by contact. There are several types of laser printers on the market:

Color laser printers

With color laser printers, such as the Afinia printers, we can make high-quality copies in black and white and sharp and well-defined colors. Afinia printers are powerful and versatile machines, so it is common to find them in all types of businesses and homes.

Inkjet printers are standard in homes and small offices that generate a small number of documents per month. The inks are applied directly to the paper with the help of injectors, obtaining a high-quality result with a very economical initial investment. As in the laser models, we can find the color or monochrome ink printers and multifunction printers.

Monochrome laser printers

These laser devices can only print in one color, which is usually black. However, they are speedy and have a meager printing cost, so they are the ideal choice if we have a high monthly workload of black and white documents.

Monochrome inkjet printers

If we are not going to print color documents, black and white inkjet printers are an excellent choice for our business. Quiet, fast, and with a very high-quality standard, reproducing sharp, well-defined characters.

Multifunction laser printers

True work centers that allow us to integrate a wide variety of tasks in a single device. In addition to printing, multifunction laser printers can include a scanner, photocopier, fax, SD card reader, USB ports, and other elements to improve connectivity, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Inkjet printers

Color inkjet printers

This type of printer generally uses a cartridge for black and another for color containing yellow, cyan, and magenta, from which any color can be printed with photographic quality. They are perfect if we have to work with maps, images, and graphics, giving us more versatility in our company.

Multifunction inkjet printers

Multifunction inkjet printers include additional options such as scanner, photocopier, fax, and more excellent connectivity. As a result, we save space and consumption, facilitating access to work equipment and without depending on the services of third parties.

3D printers

3D equipment has revolutionized the concept of printing since it allows printing all kinds of objects from a design. The applications are manifold: from the medical field, with the construction of prostheses and other similar elements, to industrial sectors that require specific parts for their operation.