Among a large number of nootropics or also called smart drugs, Modafinil is the most popular because it has been on the market for over 20 years. People from Silicon Valley used it from the start and are still using it. It helps them go through the day because most of them work for around 70 hours per week. This doesn’t mean that it’s a miracle drug that will solve your study problems and it will make your job easy.

You first need to inform yourself about every detail because people that abuse it can have more side effects than benefits. Nowadays, it very easy to buy them, there are many vendors that have great options if someone wants to buy provigil online for a great price. You also need to take care when searching for a seller because scams exist all over the internet. Check the reviews first and ratings to determine if the store is legitimate.

Ordering Your First Batch

When you find the store that has a great shipping cost and low prices but also is reliable, you need to determine which package to buy. A lot of people that hear about the benefits buy 60 pills the first time. This isn’t very expensive but it may be a problem because you can’t know if it will work for you. This is why you should always look for free samples.

Every popular website will give 10 pills for free so you can check if their product is worth buying. Ten pills are enough to determine if it has an effect on you. If you don’t notice a change in a couple of days, you should look for other smart drugs that may suit you. Be careful if you are ordering from the manufacturer because some scammers will make the exact same website just with a type in the link.

Commonly Used Nootropics

In order to better understand what are smart drugs and nootropics, you can compare Modafinil to some natural options. Caffeine is a perfect example that people use to be more focused. Herbs are becoming more popular and you might hear many famous businessmen talking about drinking tea with Rhodiola Rosea or Ginkgo Biloba.

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The difference between these nootropics and Provigil is the stronger effects. Smart drugs are made to have multiple benefits in one which one herb can’t give you. You won’t be able to take enough natural stimulants to replace smart drugs. A great start would be to try to naturally enhance your brain performance and then see if you need Modafinil to push it further.

Inform Your Doctor

Most side effects that may occur aren’t very serious like headaches and dizziness but even those don’t happen that often. The problem happens when the user isn’t well-informed so they take the supplement without knowing that it has ingredients that they are allergic to. This is why you need to talk to your doctor first. They might tell you that that isn’t the way to go but that may depend on the doctor’s opinion because a large number is against smart drugs.

If are you not allergic to its ingredients, you are halfway there. The second thing you need to worry about is the medication you are using. Some medication doesn’t go well with smart drugs and can cause serious damage to your body. Every doctor should know if the ingredients in the smart drugs may affect the drug you are using at the moment. If you are 100% healthy then you shouldn’t have any problems with Modafinil.

Things to Do While Taking Smart Drugs

There are more restrictions then things you can do while taking Modafinil. If you are at the beginning then you need to change some of your bad habits. If you want your body to be healthy and to get most of the smart drug, you will need to stop drinking alcohol and drink less coffee. Caffeine is considered as nootropic so you might force your brain to work too much or the dopamine levels may be out of scale so it will be counterproductive.

Most of these products will require you to drink a lot of water so if you drink alcohol also, you might get dehydrated easily. Any other drug use will affect you negatively even more than before. When you went through your second bag of pills, you will probably want to up the dosage from 100 mg to 200 mg. This will happen again after six months to a year. When it happens, some experienced people will recommend you to combine two smart drugs to get the feeling you had at the beginning.

If you want to stop using for some reason, it’s not recommended to quit cold turkey. Instead, you should slowly lower the dosage until you get to 50 mg per day. This means a lot to your brain because you won’t take away the boost at once. Modafinil isn’t addictive but some people claim they are addicted to the feeling they have when using it. Go to the doctor if it happens to you and they will find a way to replace it through a certain diet.

Is It Worth The Risk?

Considering that the risks are very small, there shouldn’t be any problems trying it out. The only thing to remember is that you don’t have to use it always. Most people don’t work to their full potential they are just lazy so taking smart drugs won’t improve that always. If you know how to push yourself then they will be more beneficial. Read more on this link.

Never take it if you have some condition that is treated with stimulants because it will for sure interfere with the treatment. In countries that Modafinil is illegal, you should order smaller packages so it can easily pass through. The majority of people didn’t have a problem ordering from a reputable website but don’t risk with an order of 500 pills. The discount won’t be that big that you will save a lot.