Choosing the best surgeon depends on a number of factors that are either confirmed during the consultation session or one can assure after receiving the best outcomes. If a person experiences the best aesthetic results, it means they have received the procedure with the expert surgeon. Thus, choosing the surgeon weighs a prime concern in hair transplant surgery.

It has been revealed by the reputed global restoration market that India ranked top in providing the best hair transplant surgery as around 80% of hair transplant surgery is being done in India alone. Medispa has a global presence in the hair restoration faculty that earned credit for providing the best aesthetic outcome and a here surgical procedure is offered by renowned surgeon, Dr Suneet Soni.

Dr Suneet Soni is known as a master of aesthetic hair transplant surgery and performed more than 4000 hair transplant surgeries in his career. The hair transplant in Delhi performed by the expert surgeon assures you about the best outcomes, therefore a number of patients visit India, especially Medispa to receive the procedure. The increasing graph of medical tourism in India revealed this fact that we have better medical services and facilities with the exclusive benefits of the affordable hair transplant cost in Delhi.

Why Dr Suneet Soni is a top-ranked Surgeon and a first choice for the Hair Transplant is described below:

  1. World’s Best Surgeon: He is one of the best surgeons in India and ranked top in the global hair transplant market. He has MS and M. Ch degree along with other relevant degrees and accreditations. The hair transplant surgeon must possess the dual expertise both with respect to the surgical and aesthetical sense that requires a number of years’ of experience and expertise in performing the same. The surgeon must possess the outstanding sense of the aesthetic skills that extremely requires the perfection and precision at every step, which is crucially required in the hair transplant procedure. He is a well-known plastic & cosmetic surgery and globally recognized as a pioneer hair transplant surgeon.
  2. Outstanding Aesthetic Skills: Dr Suneet Soni has an outstanding sense of the aesthetic skills and logical decision-ability that helps in finding the best results of the procedure. The skills of making the hairline design and slit creation require utmost precision and aesthetic sense to perform the job perfectly and there are a number of patients who received the best results with the expert hand of Dr Soni. The hairline design must be performed in such a way that they suit the patient’s facial profile, age, sex, and professional requirement.
  3. The Experience in the respective Field: The experience counted as a positive aspect as it explores the talent, which obviously enhances the skills of the surgeon. So, if a surgeon has more than 5-7 years of experience is counted as a good and if they possess more than a decade is known as an expert surgeon. Dr Soni has more than a decade experience in the field and also has a credit of achieving the top position in the hair transplant market.
  4. The Recognition & reputation: the recognition and reputation can be earned by getting active membership from the reputed hair restoration societies, i.e., ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc. Time-to-time by the active involvement in the reputed restoration portal adds the credibility of a surgeon and also enhances his skills and understanding. Dr Suneet has active participation in the hair restoration forums and societies and time-to-time, he arranges hands-on practices, workshop sessions and live discussions on the matter related to the advanced hair transplant technique and practical knowledge. The bio-enhanced method of the surgery introduced by Dr Suneet changed the definition of hair transplant surgery a lot and also confirms the procedural success by adding the advantages of the bio-stimulated technique.
  5. The Logical decision-ability: The logical decision ability of a surgeon counted as a positive factor because of its help in deciding the right technique at the right time according to the present grade of Norwood baldness. The logical decision ability of a surgeon can be seen through the hairline design, achieved high-density and perfect coverage of grafts on overall scalp. If you received the best aesthetic touch of the procedure, it means the surgeon has applied his best logical decision with the excellent planning. 


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant must be received from those surgeons having both the expertise and experience in the field of hair restoration as it requires much of aesthetic planning and in-depth research and analysis.