Cosmetic plastic surgery is a booming sector, as more and more people take advantage of state-of-the-art plastic surgery treatments that improve your appearance. Cosmetic surgery is both effective and affordable, and with that in mind, here are 3 of the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments available today.

  1. Rhinoplasty – The ‘nose job’ has always been popular, especially among Asian women who feel their bridge is non-existent, and there are several forms of rhinoplasty. The most common is called open rhinoplasty, which involves making an incision on the soft tissue located between the nostrils, and a skilled plastic surgeon would not leave a visible scar. If you would like to know open nose surgery price (called เสริมจมูกแบบโอเพ่นราคา in Thai) , if you talk to one of the best clinics in Bangkok, you can get an estimate Closed rhinoplasty involves making incisions on the inner surface of the nostril, and is commonly used when minor changes are required, and the final form is filler rhinoplasty, which involves injecting medical grade silicone to create contours.
  2. Breast Enlargement – There are many Asian women who feel that their breasts are too small, and with silicone implants, you can increase your bust size to a specified size. If you would like to make an appointment with an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon, search online and you will find a list of established clinics in Bangkok. Once you make contact, the clinic would make an appointment for you to meet the plastic surgeon, and during that meeting, you can ask the surgeon any questions you might have. The surgeon would listen to your needs and make a treatment recommendation, based on your physical health and the changes you require to make.
  3. Abdominoplasty – Better known as the ‘tummy tuck’, this procedure removes stubborn fat from the midriff, which is the one area that does not seem to respond to exercise, and the process involves the plastic surgeon making an incision from hipbone to hipbone, and another smaller incision to free the navel from surrounding tissue. The surgeon then tightens the muscle and removes fatty tissue before taking some excess skin from the flap and stitching up, and recovery time is minimal.

If you are interested in having cosmetic plastic surgery, search with Google to find established clinics, and with some browsing, you can select a clinic and make an enquiry. Then you can arrange to have a consultation with the resident plastic surgeon, when you can discuss things with the specialist.