BBQs 2U is an authorized dealer for Gozney products. Purchasing from an authorized dealer ensures that you receive genuine and authentic products supported by the manufacturer’s warranty and customer support. You can visit their showroom personally in Abersoch Garden Center [UK mainland].

BBQs 2U has multiple BBQ brands, including Napoleon, Kamado Joe, Gozney, Whistler, Masterbuilt and more.

The family has been in selling barbeque business since 2002. Currently, they are having great discount offers on several products. If you plan to invest in a gas-only version, then the Gozney Dome S1 is a great centrepiece for your outdoor gatherings and social events.

Family and friends can gather at a backyard party or a picnic, and Dome S1 will transform the overall atmosphere and make it more memorable. Some of the best features of the Gozney Dome are unique and appealing.

1. Innovative air ventilation system 

The air ventilation system consists of two adjustable vents located on the top and bottom of the dome, which can be opened or closed to regulate the airflow inside the oven.

  • The bottom vent keeps check of the air quantity entering the oven.
  • The top vent controls the air quantity exiting the oven.

You can control the temperature inside the oven by adjusting these vents and creating the ideal cooking environment for a variety of dishes.

2. Excellent heat retention capabilities 

The Gozney Dome S1 is constructed using a combination of high-quality materials that contribute to its excellent heat retention capabilities. It includes:

· Refractory stone

The 18″ removable refractory stone is a type of ceramic material that is known for its ability to retain heat. High-density refractory stone is used in its cooking floor and dome. It helps to distribute heat evenly and maintain consistent temperatures.

· Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a durable and corrosion-resistant material used in the construction of Gozney S1. High-grade stainless steel contributes to the oven’s longevity and ability to retain heat.

· Ceramic fibre insulation

Ceramic fibre insulation is a high-temperature insulation material that avoids heat loss and keeps the oven at a consistent temperature.

· Mineral wool insulation

Mineral wool insulation is effective at slowing the transfer of heat and helps to maintain a steady temperature inside the oven.

The materials used in the construction allow the oven to reach and maintain high temperatures throughout the cooking process. You and your family can enjoy delicious and perfectly cooked food ASAP.

Quick cooking conditions

The oven is designed to reach high temperatures rapidly with a blend of high-quality construction materials and an innovative air ventilation system.

It means you can achieve the ideal pizza cooking conditions in a short amount of time.

Pizza lovers cannot wait long to enjoy a crispy and perfectly cooked pizza, so S1’s heating capability to reach high temperatures quickly helps to create that desired crispy crust with perfectly cooked toppings.

For more detailed information about Gozney Dome S1, visit the BBQs 2U store. You can even get a live demonstration of how to use the appliance. You will taste the charred, smoky flavour even in pizzas cooked on gas-only Gozney Dome S1!