Have to start sometime, and the traditional automated drip-coffee machine is a terrific place to begin for newcomers. Drip system brewing is a go-to for a reason: it’s consistent, simple, and adaptable enough to function with any coffee. But don’t mistake simple for basic; they can expect excellent coffee that rivals most manual processes. The key is using the appropriate grind, cleaning properly, and using filtered water.

Steps to make the best coffee-

  1. Add Water

Avoid using distilled water since it won’t remove the flavors as well, as your water needs minerals to do so. They may use the marks on the drip coffee maker.

  1. Filter Preparation

Fold the crimped sides in opposite directions before inserting the cone-shaped filter in the filter basket if the drip coffee machine employs one. If they’re using a wavy, flat-bottomed filter, keep it in place within the basket. Some coffee machines have a reusable stainless filter; no additional preparation is required if this is the case.

  1. Coffee should be brewed

 Start with a medium-size if grinding for the first time. Because most coffee makers don’t let them vary variables like temperature and time, one of the essential methods to impact taste is to change grind size. Make a mental note of the grinder setting so they can either duplicate it or tweak it the next time you brew. Blade grinders don’t get the same settings, so if they’re using one, grind until the majority of the particles are the size of sand. Replace the basket inside the machine and add the coffee grinds to the filter.

Start the machine. You’ve got a cup of freshly made coffee waiting for you. If the drip machine has a glass carafe and an electric warming plate, remove the carafe from the warming plate to avoid the coffee tasting bitter. Please take notice of how the coffee tastes when you drink it.

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